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History and Mission

Danville Montessori School was established and built from the ground up in 1998. Our school was built spending much attention to perfecting, creating and providing the best possible Montessori learning environment. The school opened its doors to students in August of 2000. Throughout the last decade, Danville Montessori School has grown from a small school environment with only a handful of children, to currently serving forty-eight children while still providing the highest quality educational environment.

Danville Montessori School is a fully accredited satellite-member institution of the American Montessori Society. We provide a full Montessori-based curriculum, based on the original tenets of Dr. Montessori’s specialized academic curriculum that is hands-on and child-centered learning. Our dedicated teachers strive to provide an encouraging, comfortable, carefully prepared educational environment where children can reach their fullest cognitive, social and emotional potential.

Built from the ground-up in 1998.

At Danville Montessori School, we consider each child to be an important component in the formation of the world’s future leaders.

Therefore, our task as educators in working with young children is not just to teach, but to work in a close relationship with our students while also providing the tools that allow each child to become an independent, self-confident lifelong learner. It is our passion to share our knowledge, our goal to create life-long mentoring relationships and responsibility to observe the growth and potential in every student that we serve.