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Values and Diversity

Danville Montessori School prides itself on being a small-knit community, having close working relationships with our students and consistently having a wide-range of students from around the world. Many of our students as well as teachers speak a second and even third language. We value each student’s diverse cultural background and often integrate cultural celebrations into the curriculum. We, at Danville Montessori School feel that having an open and wide-ranging curriculum about various cultures prepares children to become future leaders who will appreciate various world cultures.

Danville Montessori School values the many inherently unique skills and facets that are manifested through our students. These important values include:

  • Respect of environment
  • Cooperation & socialization with others
  • Cultural diversity
  • Inherent enthusiasm to be a self-directed learner
  • Imagination & unique independent skills
  • Determination & discovery
  • Integrity & compassion
  • Encourage the joy of learning
  • Social & emotional growth
  • Care of self & others

Danville Montessori School