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Virtual Tour

Our virtual tour provides a look into our classrooms and general layout of our school environment. Our school has three main classrooms (toddler, preschool and pre-k classrooms) and a large outdoor play area with an age-appropriate playground surrounded by mature redwood trees.

Toddler Classroom and Extended Care Area

Students ages 2-3 gather here every morning to begin the school day with circle time and a presentation with a Montessori Material. The Toddler classroom has plenty of developmentally appropriate materials available to the students that allows their cognitive, social and emotional development to flourish. Students are able to complete puzzles, grade objects by color and size and build with various types of blocks, etc. These activities are used during early-care (7:30am-9:00am) and after-school care (4:30pm-6:00pm) when the area is not being used as a classroom. Toddler students also focus on the development of phonetic identification by way of hearing and singing. This is the foundational activity that will allow the students to associate phonic sounds with letter symbols to eventually begin reading at the preschool level.

Practical Life Area

Students ages 2-3 typically complete work in the Practical Life Area. These Montessori based activities are meant to strengthen fine motor skills, concentration, order, coordination and independence. Each activity has a practical value and is typically something a child will encounter in everyday life such as sweeping, buttoning, scrubbing, spooning, etc. The Practical Life Area is full of natural light and has plenty of room for children to complete work independently.

Preschool Classroom

Students ages 3-4 gather here every morning to begin the school day with circle time and a presentation with a Montessori Material. The main classroom is bright with plenty of natural light and space for children to work independently or in small groups. The material in the Pre-School classroom is more difficult in work-level in comparison to the Toddler classroom. The students focus on learning in-depth subjects such as: mathematics, language, sensorial, geography, science and world cultures. Each activity on the shelf has a specific purpose to strengthen the particular skill that it focuses on which is developmentally appropriate for what children are able to accomplish between the ages of 3-4.

Pre-K & Kindergarten Classroom

Students ages 4-6 work in this classroom beginning in the morning with a circle time and presentation of a Montessori Material. The Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom is an extension of the Montessori Preschool classroom. The material is age-appropriate, yet, more advanced and engaging for the older students cognitive needs. The students focus on learning about more complex such as mathematics operations, reading fluency and comprehension, Geography, Culture and Science. Each activity is geared to assist students in reaching their full academic potential so that when leaving our school our students are more than prepared to face their next academic challenge.

Play Yard

Our play yard is in a large, shaded, park-like setting complete with a play ground, play houses, water tables, toy trucks, playground balls and a basketball hoop. The yard has plenty of room for the children to run and participate in various outdoor activities. We have low-set picnic tables for younger children to eat lunch or snack, which are shaded by mature redwood trees.