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Enrichment Programs

We offer weekly hour-long enrichment classes in the afternoon to complement the academic portion of the Montessori curriculum. The enrichment classes are designed to further develop skills in other areas of academic and cultural subjects. Although these subjects are not a foundational part of the Montessori curriculum, exposure to these subjects helps to provide a well-rounded educational experience. Enrichment classes are provided at no further cost and are included in the monthly tuition fees.

Mandarin Language

Children learn songs, vocabulary, numbers, phrases, cultural traditions, holiday celebrations, basic conversational skills and identification of simple Chinese characters.

Spanish Language

Children learn songs, vocabulary, numbers, phrases, cultural traditions, holiday celebrations and basic conversational skills.


Following the Jack Capon gymnastics method, children learn self-balance, stretching, jumping, hopping, tumbling, body movement, etc. through a variety of controlled and purposeful gross-motor activities developed for younger children during development.


Children enjoy working with different types and mediums of art including: drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, clay work, paint, crayons, markers, glue, clay, etc. Students also study one famous artist per month to learning about the artist’s important contributions and life story.

Music and Movement

Children have an engaging, uninhibited experience by singing songs, dancing and using instruments. Children also have books, games and music genres. Children also study one classical composer per month learning about the composer’s life and work.

Computer Class

As we come into a more technological age, our students use new Apple iMac Wi-Fi compatible computers as a curriculum supplement with phonics, reading, comprehension and math programs.